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  • "Michelle is my usual beautician, but I have also worked with Katrina, Jasmine, Mandy and Leslie, all of whom are excellent. Everyone is friendly. When I arrive, the staff greets me by name and asks how I am doing.Everyone is also patient. When I call to say I will be late to an appointment, they always say they will wait for me, without a hint of attitude. Here are just a few ways they have exceeded common service, and catered to specific requests....." -- Ceres AnaSéline C.
  • "This place used to be known as Katrina's Beauty Spa, but maybe it was after the Hurricane or maybe it was after the renovation that they changed it to KSS. However if you do go there, definitely ask for Katrina to do you facial. Her facial massage will put you to sleep in half an hour and total relaxation even from the most stressful days."
    -- freesia l. 
  • "Card says by apt only but i walked in.  Asked for reflexology but it was only a foot massage (still great after a day of being a tourist!).  Able to get a pedicure as well - clean, sanitized tools.  well priced." -- lella b.